Friday, 8 July 2016

Faith Takes The Plunge

'Peter replied to Him, “Lord, if it is [really] You, command me to come to You on the water.” He said, “Come!” So Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus.'

There are two kinks of people: Those who leap before they look and those who look and look and never take the leap. Those who leap before they look are driven by impulse, and those who look and look never taking the leap are controlled by fear. Which are you?

To get to the promised land of Canaan, Israel had to step into the River Jordan while at high tide. God had promised that when the feet of the priests, carrying the ark, stepped into the water it would part. Can you imagine their thoughts? I'm sure some would have thought, 'yeah lets do it, God is with us, while others would have thought, 'hey we might drown, couldn't we wait until the tide goes down?'

What's holding you back from your God-given destiny, is it fear that you'll drown, fail, or be made fun of? To reach your God-ordained destiny you must stop holding back, obey God and step into the water. Like Israel, you'll experience the supernatural provision of God.

Doors will open, and resources will be released. God will provide the means, the strategy, and the man power. Isaiah 43:4,5 says this: '...I have loved you; therefore I will give men for you , and people for your life. Fear not for I am with you...'

I like that don't you? What a wonderful promise of provision! If you're fearful of taking that first step into your destiny, stand on this promise and dare to trust God; trust Him to empower and equip you; trust Him to provide all you need for the journey. Of this you can be assured: He is faithful to His promises, but you must take that all important initial step of faith.

When Peter saw Jesus waking towards them on the water he said, “Lord, if it is [really] You, command me to come to You on the water.” To which Jesus replied, "come." Now here's the thing, we've all heard it preached how Peter failed and sank right? But he did actually step out of the boat; he did actually walk on the water for a few moments.

I don't see Peter failing at all; I see him taking a leap of faith! Sure he let fear grip his heart, but he still cried out to God and got back to the boat safely. Now I'm not saying that you should just rush out and try to make your God-given destiny happen, that would be foolish.

What I am saying is that if you've been praying and waiting on the Lord, when He speaks be sure to obey Him, one step at a time. Yes the Lord may have revealed His grand plan for you, but He will take you on the journey step by step. 

Have a blessed day 
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