Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Thinking and Acting Like Jesus (1)

Philippians 2:15
'Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.'

Max Lucado writes: 'What would your life be like, even for one day, if you were to think and act like Jesus? If His priorities governed your actions, His passions drove your decisions, and His love directed your behavior? What would you be like? Would people notice the change in you...?'

Good questions don't you think? I believe that any Christian who sets their heart on thinking and acting like Jesus will display a great change in their character that will get the attention of those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

People are going to notice that something is truly different about you; people are going to sense the love of God in you. When you're thinking and acting like Jesus, the Holy Spirit is free to impact those around you like never before.

So how do we act and think like Him? Well, if you're serious about becoming like Jesus, examine your heart and then examine His:

1) His heart was pure. Peter, who spent three and a half years with Jesus, described Him as a lamb '...unblemished and spotless...' 1Peter 1:19. John said of Him, ' Him is no sin,' 1 John 3:5. Jesus had many women who cared for Him, yet never once was He accused of having lustful thoughts or dealing inappropriately with them, Luke 8:1-3.

2) His heart was peaceful. He slept peacefully in the boat while a storm raged and the disciples shouted in fear, Luke 8:22-25. Peter drew his sword to fight; Jesus lifted His hand to heal, Luke 22:47-51. When Jesus was being spat on and crucified, did He threaten vengeance? No, He was at peace; He forgave them, and refused to be guided by hate and vengeance, Luke 23:34.

3) His heart was purposeful. Jesus was so focused that He knew when to say, "My time has not yet come, John 2:4, and when to say, " is finished..." John 19:30. Yet He was not so focused that He had no time to enjoy everyday things like fellowship, finding beauty in lillies, possibilities in problems, and joy in worship.

Jesus was pleasant to be around; yes He spoke the truth at all times, and sometimes that truth cut the very heart of the listeners, but He always did it with an attitude of love. Have you ever noticed how the little children could not resit Him? Children run from angry cantankerous people but not from Jesus, Matthew 19:13. Yes indeed, He was a pleasant person to be around. The question is, are you and I pleasant people to be around?

Jesus spent approximately three decades wading through the muck and mire of humanity and yet He still chose to love us and pay the penalty for our sin, praise the Lord! Dear reader, you and I are called to walk in His steps; you and I are called to love like He loved. You can be just like Him because His Spirit dwells in you, so start thinking and acting like Jesus today.

Have a blessed day 
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