Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Are You Yielding To God's Grace?

Titus 2:11-12 'For the grace of God which carries with it salvation for all men has appeared, teaching us that, having denied impiety and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, and justly, and piously in the present course of things.'

The grace of God is an all encompassing and invading force that pursues the unregenerate man. It works a mighty salvation for fallen mankind and goes onto influence the hearts of those saved. If you know the Lord, dear reader, I'd like to ask you this: Are you yielding to the divine influence of God's grace?

Most believes, in Christ, know that it was the grace of God that saved them, but not all believers understand that it is the same grace of God that executes divine influence on their heart unto sanctification. When a person gets born again through the grace of God, that grace then goes to work influencing the heart of the believer to live righteously.

This is an awesome thing! How wonderful that God would save us by His grace and then continue to work that grace into our hearts unto perfection (Christ Like Maturity). Why does He do this? Titus 2:14 says this: '...that he might redeem us from all lawlessness, and purify to himself a peculiar people, zealous for good works.'

Did you get that? Jesus wants to purify a peculiar people unto Himself, who are zealous for good works. What are these good works? They're supernatural works that God has ordained you and I to walk in until either the day we die or the day He returns, praise God!

So dear reader, when you feel convicted of a certain sin it is the grace of God at work in you. When you find that you hunger for more of the things of God, it is the grace of God at work in your spirit. I don't know about you but I'm so thankful for His grace!

Ponder this thought today: Jesus wants to purify a people peculiar unto Himself, a people who hunger for more of God and who want to live their lives to please Him; lives that give Him glory through Godly character and supernatural works (good works). Precious believer in Christ, see to it that you constantly yield to His mighty grace.

Have a blessed day
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